Memory Tracks!

My time in England has thrown up all sorts of reunions not just of people but of places. I chose to come to Lincoln as it was the family home and a good base while the family were in Tanzania. Then we were offered a house in Milton Keynes and my wife got her old … Continue reading Memory Tracks!


Today is the day when my Stem Cells are to be harvested. I arrive at Nottingham City Hospital at just after 8:30am having dropped off the hire car. As ever there is the ubiquitous blood sample to check my white blood cell (neutrophil) count and then my stem cell count. My wounds are redressed and … Continue reading Harvest

In Between Days

Tomorrow I travel to Nottingham for the first part of the second phase of my cancer treatment. It's now over a month since the end and of my chemotherapy, the first phase of my treatment. It's been great to spend much of the last five weeks away from the regular hospital appointments and consultations. The … Continue reading In Between Days

Other C’s

It's a while since I've posted - not much has happened to be honest. I've spent a couple of weeks house sitting in Milton Keynes without a car and dreadful weather, watching box sets and relaxing. Even so it's been great to catch up with family now returned from Tanzania. Soon we'll move there permanently … Continue reading Other C’s