Full Circle!

We have returned. After three years we are back in MK. It seems like a lifetime and yet it seems like yesterday. We never imagined we would be back here on any permanent basis but here we are. God has a sense of humour.

Anita starts work on Tuesday back at her old place of work doing virtually the same job – albeit on a temporary contract. Bex has enrolled in Sixth Form – a different school to last time but nearer our eventual residency. As for me, some commuting between Lincoln and MK and Nottingham as needed. Though for now I have a window in MK for the next couple of weeks.

For August we are house sitting in various friends houses across the city – starting back in our stomping ground of Walnut Tree. It's been kind of them to let us stay.

It's strange to be driving these streets again, although I have returned to MK for two funerals in recent months. They are familiar and yet distant, from a time past.

MK is the past yet it is now the present and will be the foreseeable future. It is subtly changed as are we and it remains to be seen how things will be in the coming months.

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