Too Young

For the second time in three months I have attended the funeral of a friend who has died of cancer. Another peer (a year younger than me) who succumbed to this dreadful illness.

Pete was externally positive and always thinking of others. Today's funeral was as much celebration as anything else. The church was packed and it was good to see folk from the youth group we had all been part of 25 years ago. We were all in our twenties back then, now in our forties and fifties. Even so it seems too young to be attending the funeral of one of our group.

Pete's bowel cancer took him too soon and so quickly. It brings into sharp relief my condition- he announced his cancer three days before my own diagnosis. It is difficult to understand why some people are taken so quickly whilst others are not. Pete was a great guy who did not deserve this, he leaves a wife and three children to soldier on alone.

I am lucky that for now my condition is in remission and under treatment. The future remains shrouded in mist and it's difficult to imagine what the next year will hold for me. For now treatment is going well and I remain positive as I await the stem cell harvest and re-implantation process. Pete's stoicism in all that confronted him in life (and there were lots of things over the years) is an example to follow and his steadfast belief in God throughout one to emulate.


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  1. This echoes our own family’s experience. It’s only 15 months since my son-in-law died and since then, his widow, my daughter has had her own cancer to deal with. Now she’s been given the all-clear, perhaps she and my twin grandsons can start to rebuild a little. So glad you feel able to be positive just now.

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  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. May God grant your friend’s soul eternal rest.

    It will be nice if WP has a ‘sad’ button for news like this. A ‘like’ just does not seem appropriate.

    Praise be to God for the good news about your health. May you be blest with complete recovery. Our prayers go with you.

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