I have woken with a bad headache. Interestingly that in the last few months my general health has been good and I have had little in the way of other illness. 

At the same time I have been much more attuned to my body. I think the fact you’re being tested and measured on such a regular basis makes you aware of the minutiae.

This is the first headache I recall over recent months. Inevitably as I lay in bed overnight tossing and turning with my sore head my mind raced. It’s easy to exaggerate at night. I think the fact I have suffered a serious illness coupled with the fact I ignored my sore shoulder for too long prior to diagnosis makes me overly aware of aches and pains.

I do have to be very careful about my temperature which must not go above 37.5°C, but this morning I’m 36.8°C. My ongoing kidney issues make me sensitive to change, so diet still needs to be controlled. I think it would be easy to obsess over illness if I were not careful and yet at the same time I need to be alert. 

Even so current data shows that (kidney apart) my body is functioning normally, so nothing to get overly exercised about.  

A greater challenge lies ahead post stem cell transplantation as I will be immunocompromised and therefore prone to pick up any disease, though I am assured this is unlikely.

However, that is not the case at the moment. For now I have to remember a headache is just a headache, I’ve had plenty before, take two paracetamol and wait for it to go and, as you might expect, in the course of writing this blog post it has.

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