I’m free. I have no scheduled appointments at hospital for many weeks ahead. 😃

Today I met with my consultant who does not need to see me again until October, after my Stem Cell transplantation has taken place. That leaves only my scheduled stem cell harvesting in late August and the transplantation in early October. 

Given that the family return from Tanzania on Monday – the timing is excellent giving us time together without the need to commute back and forth from Lincoln to Milton Keynes where my wife will start work in less than a fortnight.

I am in complete remission. the measured light chains (Myeloma paraproteins) were 20.3 which compares to a normal person who has a value of 19. Given my measure started at over 4000 – this is outstanding progress. 

What lies ahead is all about ensuring the remission is maintained for as long as possible – hopefully many many years. 

GCSF (to stimulate stem cell production)

I found out a little more today. The GCSF process is usually accompanied by chemotherapy to boost the harvest but does not require it and can be done successfully without it.

High Dose Chemotherapy 

This second chemotherapy is necessary and will happen in October. It has lots of side effects including nausea and will k o’clock out my immune system but more importantly the rest of the Myeloma. I will lose all my childhood immunity and will need to be revaccinated over yet nextbtgree years. This is a precaution however, as it is reckoned not to be a big issue for people who gave had their own stem cells. The second chemotherapy is not a risk to my kidney due to the way it is administered.

Post transplant I will be weakened for about three months but should be normal by New Year, when I suppose I will need to start looking for work.

Check ups will then happen approximately every three months. These will look for the re-emergence of any Myeloma, which hopefully will not happen for many years if at all!

It’s going to be strange not coming to the hospital twice a week, but I’m looking forward to the freedom – and a lot less tablets too!

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