Rolling to the Right

The first manifestation of which I was aware of in Multiple Myeloma was the severe pain in my right shoulder. This became apparent in December.

I naturally roll over to my right when I am going to sleep at night and I began to notice that this was becoming increasingly sore and uncomfortable. By February I couldn’t roll onto my right hand side at all and this was having a real affect on my sleep patterns. So I slept on my back or on my left which did not feel natural, I would often wake up. 

Additionally and unknown to me, this was also the time my Myeloma was progressing much faster and unchecked. Therefore my kidney was playing up and I was getting more nauseous. All this is what finally drove me to visit my doctor in Tanzania, which precipitated the trip to Kenya and the MRI in Nairobi at Easter followed by a return to Lincoln for treatment.

Three months on and as I reach the end of the first phase of chemotherapy I have noticed the aches and pains in my shoulder have gone and that rolling onto my right hand side is not a problem. This is such a positive sign that the Myeloma is in regression and the bone is at least under less tension and may even be in repair.  I’m still aware of stiffness in the joint but it is so much better.

 The medicine and treatments are obviously the major method by which tte underlying condition has been fought but for me m, as a Christian, prayer has been key too. I continue to adopt a realistically positive attitude to this whole battle and believe I will win it in the end. 

Post Script

As you can see from the timing of this blog I still wake up early but you can’t have everything – this is a ‘Steroid Infused Sleep’ after all and they have been part of the solution too. 

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  1. So good to hear that you are not in so much discomfort! Will still continue to pray for you on your journey! Your blogs are so interesting and varied, thank you for allowing us to be on this journey with you.

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