Dental Decay Dilemma

I’m here at the dentist. As if I didn’t spend enough time with the medical profession these days. It’s hard to believe that I only used to visit the doctor once a year at best for Hay Fever prescriptions.

I’m here for a check up, but in reality I’m joining the dentist as I gave recently had a chunk of tooth fall out complete with a  filling.   This is the start of the process to sort it all out. The dentist here in Lincoln was recommended by Mum – its private but offers a good service.

A check up followed was by three X-rays to look at the state of my teeth. After a few minutes wait We had a discussion as to the way forward.

In general my teeth and gums are not too. As apart from one area near the top back of my mouth where I have a tooth fracture and decay. This needs treatment.

One of the dilemmas is how to fit the dental treatment into the wider medical treatments. I need to avoid invasive surgery as this is likely to cause excessive bleeding and infection risks. Therefore extraction of my fractured tooth is not an option. Other choices include crowning the teeth affected or else refilling. Whatever happens it has to tie in to my Myeloma and as I am about to complete the first phase and yet to know about phase two I am somewhat in the dark as to when to proceed with the dental work.

The latter is the safest best and by far the most expensive option -the former carries the risk of infection which is not good in my condition. However, we the first stage is temporary fillings, so it’s back to the dentist next Wednesday, by which time I should know the way forward on my Myeloma care too.

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  1. How frustrating for you. I hope that you and the dentist can come to an agreement that is good for your health without being too bad for your pocketbook.

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