Today is the day I was supposed to meet with the consultant from Nottingham. This meeting is  an important one as it marks the end of the first phase of chemotherapy. This officially finishes at the end of next week, though as ever it is an off-chemo week meaning my current chemo ends this week.

However, admistration mess ups mean that the Professor has not arrived nor was he expecting to as I understand it. Such is the bureaucracy of the NHS. Instead I now need to travel to Nottingham on Monday. 

The MacMillan Nurse was so apologetic and in that regard I have always felt really supported by the staff here. I don’t blame my consultant  either, but it was sooooooo frustrating.  

At least  I was here for the Valcade! I was imagining a long wait though in reality the one one bonus of the afternoon is that I was seen early and quickly. So “every cloud has a silver lining” as they say.

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  1. communications breakdown again…..I understand your frustrations. But, as you say, you got the Chemo done quickly!

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