Summer Holiday

Today in Tanzania, my family head off for a short break, part of my sons long planned visit which we kept even though I had to return early. They are taking a trip to Papa’s a resort / restaurant on the Lake (photos from June 2016). I am here in Lincoln, thousands of miles away, somewhat tired.

In recent years we have fortunately been able to travel quite widely. The low relative cost and proximity of new and exotic locations have allowed my family and I to visit places that most people will never see and I am so grateful.

Looking through Facebook it seems that two years ago I was waking up in Mbamba Bay, in remote South West Tanzania on the shores of Lake Nyasa (as Lake Malawi is known in Tanzania) at the start of a month long journey across to Victoria Falls and back.

Destinations visited over our almost three years in Tanzania have included countries across Eastern and Southern Africa

  • Uganda
    • Kampala
    • Jinja (Nile)
    • Murchison Falls
    • Mbale / Sipi Falls
    • Entebbe
  • Malawi
    • Likoma Island
    • Monkey Bay
    • Zomba
    • Lilongwe
  • Zambia
    • Livingstone (Victoria Falls)
    • Lusaka
    • TAZARA Train


As well as fabulous places within Country such as:

It has opened my eyes to some fascinating places and we have met amazing people from across the globe. The journeys we have undertaken will live long in the memory.

My previous blogs (Tanzalongs and VictoriatoVictoria) recount many of those adventures and can be accessed via the links for those who may be interested.

It is against this backdrop that the world suddenly seems so much smaller. I have been lucky and am not ungrateful of the opportunities I had whilst overseas but it is a cruel twist of fate which now finds me here in the U.K. – tethered to a hospital where the possibility of local travel is limited,  let alone further afield.

When family return in a fortnight it is almost straight into work for my wife which is excellent news but will limit leisure time together. Travel to Milton Keynes may be the limit of my adventures for a while, and as finances dwindle options for travel become reduced, an unnecessary luxury.

So for me this year no Summer Holiday – no travel plans to be worked on, itineries to be discussed, locations scouted, no guidebooks read.

For many reading this it may seem self-indulgent and greedy given all that I have been able to do in recent years. Maybe it is, but my aim here is to highlight the contrast, the stark change which the Myeloma has brought. The disease itself brings change in lots of ways – some more obvious than others. It is subtle in that outwardly I well and inwardly feel OK most of the time, but there is a lot that is going on and a lot of changes have had to be absorbed in a very short time. Frankly today I feel so tired I doubt I could go very far even if I wanted too.

The world has definitely closed in and maybe memories are all that I will have in the years to come. Even so what memories to have.


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