In my room

Even with sleeping tablets last night I was asleep much later and awake quite early – so I’m chilled out in the the bedroom late this Sunday morning. Having got up a bit earlier and been to the early service at St George’s Church (in truth this early service was a bit too traditional for me, I prefer the later service, though it was worth a visit on a one off).

Now I’m here listening to bit of New Order, a band from my youth and reflecting on life come full circle. My room here was my bedroom when I moved here in 1972 almost 45 years ago and New Order would pump out from my newly bought stereo record player back in the early eighties. Power, Corruption and Lies was one of my first albums (bought on Tape/Cassette with extended mixes), Blue Monday being one of my favourites (bought on vinyl) though the incessant drum beat at full volume would often draw the attention of my parents who would shout up for me to turn it down.

Things have changed though the room much redecorated and the stereo long gone. My music coming out of a blue- tooth speaker attached to my Mac. The songs now MP3 versions downloaded or ripped from CDs.

There is change and yet life has come full circle. I’m in a sense back  where I started (at least where I was from 6 to 18). However, soon things will change again. Anita (and Bex’s) imminent return snd her new job in Milton Keynes will modify things coinciding, as it does, with the end of my first phase of chemotherapy.

For now I will remain in Lincoln for the duration of my treatment, though I will either be visiting MK or being visited here at weekends, during time off treatment. Life moves on and though I have been and felt welcome here I am ready for change.

Even so MK is also a step back in time to my adult home rather than my childhood home, throw into the mix a short time in hospital in Nottingham (my student home). It seems that life is in repeat at the moment.

The real decisions will come much later as we decide in two years when Bex has finished sixth form and I am hopefully recovered and the Myeloma is in remission. Then we will  need to decide whether we risk travel abroad or stick with the status quo or move elsewhere in the U.K.

For now it’s New Order in my old bedroom reflecting on past and future.

During writing this blog  I have listened too the following:

Song: Sunrise
Album: Low- Life

Song: Ceremony (Alternate Version)
Album:  Monument

Song: Jet Stream
Album: Jet Stream EP

Song: Mesh
Album: Substance

Song: World (Perfecto Mix)
Album: The Rest of New Order 

Song: Run(II)
Album: Technique

Song: Bizarre Love Triangle
Album: The Best of New Order

Song: Krafty
Album: Krafty (Single)

Song: Crystal
Album: Crystal EP

Song: Confusion
Album: Substance

Song: The Perfect Kiss
Album: Low-Life

Song: Thieves Like Us
Album: The Best of New Order

Song: Blue Monday
Album: Power, Corruption and Lies

Song:  Elegia (Long Version)
Album: Power, Corruption and Lies

One last song from the band which preceded New Order (New Order formed after the death of Joy Division’s lead singer)

Song: Love Will Tear Us Apart
Album: The Best of Joy Division

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  1. Some much going on for you and so much in the unknown. It’s so good to know a God who is interested in every detail and wants the best for you and those you love!

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  2. I loved the inclusion of your playlist at the end of the post. It reminded me of one of my favorite comic book series, “Phonogram.” The comic is about music, and each issue includes the playlist that inspired the writer, Kieron Gillen, during production.

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