Term End

Today is the first day of the Summer Holidays for all my colleagues at Isamilo International  School. Yesterday they gathered to say their goodbyes and to pack up their rooms for the summer. The traditional leaving gifts were presented (a dressing gown made from local kitengi cloth).

Throughout the week leaving parties have been had and farewells have been said. Although Anita has attended many of these, in a sense representing me, it is a strange feeling to be separated from this. It re-enforces the wrenching forces which dragged me from Tanzania.

It’s a time of dispersing

With colleagues heading off all over the world for the summer, whilst others explore Africa. Colleagues who are leaving are heading back to the UK, off to El Salvador, Malaysia, Netherlands and Russia. For us it should have been the Seychelles but that dream is long dead. The uncertainty of the future exacerbated. 

I will miss my colleagues. Life has not always been easy in Mwanza. Teaching at Isamilo has had its trials and tribulations, though on the whole I enjoyed the experience. If I had the chance I would teach abroad again.

Two weeks from now the umbilical to Tanzania will be broken and the chapter will be over. For now there is the daily WhatsApp link to Mwanza but soon this will end. Anita will start a job in Milton Keynes in the near future and I will join her once my treatment is over – but the end of term brings with it the end of my employment although paid until August. 

It’s a bitter sweet moment for me. Though I’m sure there is a plan, God’s plan for our future it remains shrouded in mist, which will take time to clear.

Post Script

My IT Network Manager kindly modified the leaving photo and with a little photoshop magic inserted me into the leaving picture. A nice touch!

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  1. Heart wrenching for you to miss all the farewells, having been uprooted so suddenly without warning and transported back to UK! Lovely photos and how thoughtful painting you into the group! Hold that thought about God having a plan and trust him for the next stage of your life, which may not be what you’d hoped and planned but can’t be bad if God has his hand in it.

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