Last Cycle

I can confirm that this will be my last cycle. No not that cycle 🚲. Just fooling you with the picture. In fact I’ve been on a bike 🚴 ride in the local woodland this afternoon. 

My chemotherapy is broken into cycles of three weeks duration. Two weeks of treatment with Valcade followed by a week off. I was due to gave six cycles when the process started but as I suggested this was being reduced following better than expected response to treatment – yesterday this was confirmed by my consultant in that I only have three blood tests this time around rather than the usual four. They always use the previous blood readings when administering Valcade so the lady one is not necessary. 

Next Tuesday I will meet with the consultant from Nottingham who will be overseeing the next phase of treatment which will involve extraction of Stem Cells, further more agreesive chemotherapy for a few days and re-insertion of collected stem cells back into my body. The overall time span of this is yet to be known but I assume it will be in late August or September.

Whilst the chemotherapy goes well and paraprotein levels have reduced rapidly, unfortunately kidney function remains poor (GFR 11) and blood thickness (INR 3.8) is rather high. So there is still a long way to go.

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  1. I just cheered aloud at my desk! This is great news. Yes, still a long way to go, but glad the first leg of the journey is almost out of the way 🙂 Ultreia ❤

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