Weekly Photo Challenge: Nile in Transition

This week’s photo challenge:Delta is all about transitions. So here is my second contribution. Nile in transition. Taken at Murchison Falls in Northern Uganda back in April 2015. This is the place where the Nile River cascades into the Rift Valley through a narrow gap of just a few metres on its relentless journey towards the Mediterranean many thousands of miles to the North.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nile in Transition

  1. That will make amazing white water rafting (in my dreams). I have recently learned that there is a tussle among African countries on who actually “owns” the Nile. It is often associated with Egypt but the country with longest stretch of the Nile is Sudan

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    1. The actual source of the Nile is now reckoned to be in Rwanda, before flowing through Tanzania and into Lake Victoria. The river emerges in Uganda before heading into South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt. We got to see the Nile in Uganda and did some White Water Rafting on the Nile at Jinja -an awesome experience. I fear it would be deadly at Murchison though.

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  2. It certainly looks relentless! And so powerful. Must have been amazing to visit such a place. Great captures of the powers of nature. ❤ I also saw you had been White Water Rafting–how incredibly thrilling! 😀

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