Today I have met with my consultant. We meet every three weeks at the end of a chemotherapy cycle. A chance to touch base and reflect on progress. I have just completed my third cycle of chemotherapy and so approximately half way through the process or so I believed.

It turns out that I have progressed so well that it may well be that the next cycle will be my last – thus four cycles not six (possibly five if they decide to do so).

This is good news – the longer I am subjected to Valcade the more potential there is for peripheral neuropathy to set it. This is nerve damage caused by the medication. Although this can be reversed it is a problem and already I have a permanent fuzziness in my feet. There is no pain but definite tingling – a sure sign of peripheral neuropathy.

When I was first diagnosed the proportion of Light Chains (paraprotein) caused by the Myeloma were over 2000. At last measurement levels were down to 29. A normal person will have values under 19. This is the reason for the good news and the shortened number of cycles. In the next three weeks I am due to meet a consultant from Nottingham who will talk about the next phase – stem cell extraction and reimplementation.

For now I await the prescription of my next batch of drugs – it will take about two hours to get them 🙁 –  hopefully my last batch for now! 😄

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  1. This is some very good news Graham! Pleased to hear that things are certainly moving in the right direction. Prayers continuing for the progress to continue towards full healing.

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  2. Wonderful news to hear, bro 🙏👍😊👊🏻👏🏻 So pleased for you. Prayers will continue, rest assured, but that’s so encouraging isn’t it 😁

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  3. This is such encouraging news for you and the rest of the family! You are all So much in my thoughts and prayers as you wait to see how things unfold!

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  4. Good luck to you. It seems to me as well your blog is a nice outlet for some distress which you experience. Thank you for taking an interest in my own blog.


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