Day of Rest

In the English vernacular” I’m knackered”. After three days out of the last four days on the road I’m exhausted. A sign of my illness no doubt as well as the variable sleep patterns over the weekend.

I had enough energy to walk to the doctor for my weekly INR this morning  where my blood had thinned to 3.4  and so above target, requiring a more complex combination of 7mga nd 8mg Warfarin each day to achieve my target of approx 2.5.

The rest of the day I have laid in bed – resting. It goes to prove that as I reach the half way point of the chemotherapy and inspite of outward appearances I am feeling the effects. I won’t let that stop me doing things but I do need to build in rest times in a way I would not have needed to in the past. 

Resting Dragonfly at the weekend (nr Abingdon)

Like the Dragonfly in the picture above it’s time to chill!

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  1. Understandable, bro. You packed in so much catching up with family. It was great to see you 😊 Praying the rest brings healing today for you. 🙏😊

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