These past three days we’ve been on a journey. Travelling south to visit family. A chance to touch base. We left Lincoln on Saturday (Mum and I) heading down to Oxfordshire to my in-laws where we celebrated my sons 19th Birthday on Sunday. 

Then yesterday we headed with my son up to London where we spent the afternoon / evening with my Aunt and Uncle. 

It was a good chance to catch up, especially for mum to meet her sister. Following a difficult year where their brother had died of cancer and my aunt had had had cardiac arrest and then diagnosed with cancer (now under treatment and in recovery from both) it was good to meet up. 

It was also good to meet up again with Raewyn my cousin’s wife and her son, a lively four year old.

We stayed over in a B&B before dropping my son off at Canary Warf station as he headed home to the South Coast via the Jubilee Line to Victoria. Then on to my brother in Harlow for lunchtime.  Here some lunch and a trip to a coffee house in the afternoon before returning home.

Having lived in Tanzania these past three years we have seen little of family – communicating via ‘Skype’ or ‘WhatsApp’ so seeing people in the flesh has been an unintended benefit of my illness. 

Next week my son returns to Tanzania for three weeks holiday in Mwanza, before returning with Anita and my daughter at the end of their Tanzanian adventure and the start of the next phase of our life – question is where will it be?

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