Out of Routine

It’s nice to get away. To break the shackles of the chemotherapy weeks. The biweekly trips to clinic 7 and Ingham award which force me to be in Lincoln. Every third week is a week off – it’s a small respite as Instill need to visit my consultant on Thursday but it frees up the time a little and allows a limitless more flexibility at the weekend. It marks the end of a cycle (I gave just completed cycle 3).  So with more time available this week I have travelled.

I write this from my in-laws near Abingdon in Oxfordshire, where yesterday we celebrated my sons 19th birthday. He having travelled up from his university on the South Coast, family from here, Mum and I from Lincoln. It was a good day, even if the vagueries of the British weather forced an indoor BBQ.  Presents were exchanged and games were played, cake was eaten, wine was drunk. It was nice to celebrate.

The challenge in such situations is to remember the routines you need to follow when out of routine. I do need to drink 3L of water a day a probably missed that target yesterday (though I drink more tea, and soft drinks along the way). 

As with other occasions my pill routine was messed around – we had a larger, later BBQ lunch and no evening meal – I nearly forgot my mid day tablets taking them late in the afternoon and then had evening pills last thing. Keeping on top of things when not in routine is more challenging. Forgetting pills is a bad idea for my health  –  I can’t believe how quickly I have become enslaved to pill popping – all a necessary part of my treatment.

Today we travel on to visit my Aunt and Uncle in London, a chance for mum to visit her sister and to spend a bit more time with  my son who travels with us . We complete our ‘grand tour’ after an overnight stop in London, before my son returns south to his ‘digs’ and his job and we visit to my brother in Harlow on route  back to Lincoln. 

It’s nice to get away!  I’ve just got to keep taking the tablets!

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