Inside Out

People often say that I look well and in many ways I feel healthy and look reasonably well, but Myeloma can be a deceptive disease. Deep within my body there are lots of things going on and the drugs needed to control these processes are numerous.

At the moment my main concerns remain

  • Kidney function – really low and ongoing chronic loss of functionality – no real improvement in several weeks.
  • Anaemia – leaving me tired at times and lacking energy
  • Peripheral Neuropathy – which is now becoming more common in my arms and legs – a slight burning sensation and pins and needles – becoming more prevalent during this second week of chemotherapy.

I remain positive the therapies are working – the neuropathy is as much a side effect of the treatment as it is Myeloma. Bone pain is much reduced, if not gone altogether. I am not getting recurrent infections, though need to keep an eye on my temperature which hovers for much of the time above 37°C and needs to remain at or below 37.5°C or else I need to be readmitted to hospital.

You can find out more by following the links below. This week is Myeloma Awareness Week.

7 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. Yeah, no kidding, hard when everything that’s wrong is on the inside. Thank you for all of your public education on Multiple Myeloma and doing what you can every day to help others when your facing such difficult circumstances yourself.

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  2. “Attitude is everything.” Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the bridge photo you have out for the weekly photo. I am looking after a friend during chemo. Her attitude is really good. She has courage, like you do. Keep up the smiling…it’s a warm smile.

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  3. You are incredibly brave and I admire you for sharing your journey and adding to the awareness of this illness. Your positive attitude is probably contributing immensely to your healing than anything else.

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  4. Thank you for visiting the blog. Hope you are doing well. Your courage is what will keep you going, stay blessed!


  5. I’m finding your posts illuminating – you’re right, it is an ‘invisible cancer’ which most of us are happily unaware of. I often think of you and admire your very positive attitude, which must take some finding, sometimes.

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