On ‘yer Bike

Since returning to the UK I have put on weight. This is a combination of the steroids Inhave needed to take, the water retention courtesy of my kidney problems and DVT, richer food and a lack of exercise brought on by the enforced bed rest as an inpatient and the effects of the Myeloma.

In Tanzania we walked everywhere for the first year and up until I broke my fibula back in January I walked to and from work every day. Of course my role as a teacher meant Ineas on my feet most of the day. This changed when in February I fell and broke my fibula – after which Innerded to sit more and use the car to get to and from work. However in that time I also lost my apetite as the Multiple Myeloma started to affect my kidney.

Now back in the UK again and eating properly I have noticed the effects. I have been walking in the local woodland and the doctors are keen for me to do some exercise. I used to run 5-10k but for now that is out of the question.

A solution was to get a bike – so today I bought a second hand cycle for £30. A chance to do some daily gentle exercise, nothing excessive to begin with but enough to make a difference to get the heart pumping and hopefully bring down the swelling on my feet. 


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