Blood Battle

Alongside the Myeloma and it’s associated Kidney problems the other ongoing issue remains my blood.

When I arrived back in the U.K. In April I returned with a DVT. Since that time, there had been a process of managing the clot by thinning the blood.

Initially the use of Heparin and latterly the use of Warfarin have been used to achieve this. My kidney function has precluded the use of some anticoagulants such as Clexane.

The INR value (a measure of the speed of coagulation) is aiming for 2.5 but after a period of stability during which it reached this value it has now dropped sharply back to 1.4. 

A solution needs to be found.

Here there is tension between the local GP (managing the Blood) and the Hospital (managing the Chemotherapy and the Kidney). 

The nurse, concerned by my levels, was initially adamant I needed to take the injection medication (Clexane) in addition to Warfarin. It took a firm stance from me and several trips to the doctor to persuade her otherwise. 

Since my GFR is so low my kidney cannot cope with Clexane. Hence the only way to deal with it is to increase the Warfarin levels and review.

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