A Strange Father’s Day

For the first time in living memory I am a Father alone on Father’s Day. I know it’s a commercial thing (unlike Mothering Sunday) but even so it has amplified the absence of family.

My own Father died in 2006 of Motor Nueron Disease a rapidly developing disease which took him from an active man in his late sixties to death in less than a year.

My children are far away across  the UK and the world for now, Chichester, where my son moved house yesterday and Mwanza where they continue the process of packaging up to leave. Hopefully we’ll FaceTime / Skype / WhatsApp later.

I did have an early gift from my daughter, bought in Kenya and intended for today but  given at Easter a memory of the bird life of East Africa. Thanks Bex!

Mum even gave me a  Father’s Day card today which was a  nice touch.

It nonetheless is a strange experience to be so far from immediate family on such celebrations- as it was to be absent from Anita on our 22nd Anniversary. Family will soon be reunited for a short while at least. 

Though there is an increasing likelihood of a further four months apart as Anita works away from Lincoln and I finish treatment here. We will know more in the next fortnight I hope. 

For now Happy Father’s Day to all who are lucky to spend it with their father.

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