Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus (Venus, Mars and a later Moon)

A submission to this week’s photo challenge : Focus.

Taking photos of the night sky is difficult – my Canon EOS 70D needed a lot of tweaking to get something and in truth my inexperience got less than focused shots of the sky on that occasion. It was however, too good an opportunity to miss the close conjunction of Venus and Mars back in the summer of 2015, given that we were staying at Mango Drift on Likoma Island, Malawi – slap bang in the middle of Lake Malawi / Nyassa and under Dark Skies with as little light pollution as you are likely to get. The dots on the horizon are the local fishing boats out for their midnight catch.

The overall lack of focus here does add to the image as does the ‘Venus Light’ on the water.


A month or so later under Mwanza skies I managed a photo of the Blood Moon in September.

These photos submitted in my previous blog Tanzalongs (Blood Moon)


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus (Venus, Mars and a later Moon)

  1. I enjoyed your selection of photos, particularly the images of Venus’ light on water, which I have never seen before. I love taking photos of the night sky. Lying on my back on my roof, looking up at the sky and taking photos is wonderful…

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  2. I’ve tried, without much success, to take photos of the night sky. But, I haven’t given up. I keep trying and learning…I am hoping to visit a place where there is no light pollution to take in the majesty of the heavens at night, but time will tell on that wish. Nice photos – even without the focus – you know what you saw. Peace.

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