Sweet Dreams

I have a new ally in the fight against sleeplessness. Following several weeks of disrupted sleep I have got prescribed some sleeping tablets. So welcome on board a new drug to be taken as and when necessary. The drug is Zoplicone. 

The drug has the advantage of helping me to sleep without leaving me drowsy the following day.

Possible side effects include 

  • allergic reaction in the form of a skin rash
  • swallowing and breathing problems
  • swelling of lips, throat or tongue.

I have had none of these!

My kidney does complicate the issue but the only prohibition is that I receive a lower than normal dose (3.75mg rather than 7.5mg).

Other than that alcohol is off limits when taking Zopiclone as it will exacerbate the effects causing a very deep sleep and breathing problems.

On a normal dose I would be prohibited from driving too but this is not an issue on my dose.

A common side effect is a bitter taste in the mouth and this would be true.

It is not a drug  I will use long no term but I will take it on those days I’m taking steroids.

For those following this blog – the cold has come to nothing. Potassium and neutrophil levels remain good, although kidney function is still very low. Health wise I am nonetheless feeling fine. 😃

2 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. It causes dependence and tolerance if used long term, as well as memory issues and electrical disturbances in the brain. My experience.


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