Work Day

Today has been a day of work. Its been a bit strange but nice to do something purposeful. It seems strange to me at least to be enjoying the fact of doing work. I generally prefer time off to work. However, after seven weeks in which most of the time I have been doing nothing productive it has been a welcome change.

As a teacher most of my job has been impossible to do so far from my place of work in Tanzania. The roles I had have sadly been removed from me as it was the belief of the school that these could not be carried out remotely. In truth the role of Assessment Co-ordinator and Website manager could have been done as easily from the UK as from Mwanza but I could not persuade them otherwise. Obviously the day to day teaching was impossible, but one thing I have been able to do is set the end of year exams and mark them.

Today was a day of exam marking for the Year 10’s. It was a good experience for my brain if nothing else. I have two sets of exam papers to mark, theory and practical papers. Today I focussed on practical papers.

Once this is done – it will basically be the end for my role. Though looking much further ahead I will be looking to apply to  be an examiner once I have recovered as a way of earning some cash and ahead of any formal employment in the next year. So it may well be there is a lot more exam marking over the coming year.

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  1. It is a pity that you could not come to an agreement with your employer. Being busy and productive takes your mind off the disease and the negative side effects of the treatment. I remember how happy I was when my employer gave me a laptop and allowed me to work from home when I didn’t feel well enough to travel to work. It was a great way of staying in touch with my colleagues. I’m happy that the cold symptoms have cleared up.

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