Three AM

It’s 3am.

I should be fast asleep

I am not.

I’ve tossed and turned in vain.

My stomach in knots.

The morning is still far off.

I await the grey of dawn.

Another day.

This is the longest I’ve been ill.

A lack of feeling whole.

It seems never ending

Will I ever be well again?

Will I ever truly sleep the night?

It’s 3am

I should be fast asleep.

I am not.

6 thoughts on “Three AM

  1. It is so frustrating not being able to sleep. I pray you will be able to rest during day but most of all I ray you will have an overwhelming sense oh His peace.

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  2. Commiserations! The darkest hour is just before dawn! So hard to toss and turn but sleep won’t come when you’re so tired. I remember your daughter telling me (when she was very much smaller) – an hour or so after going to bed – “I’ve forgotten how to fall asleep”! You know that feeling!

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