Just In Case

We left Tanzania on the 2nd April, for a family holiday in Kenya. I would not return again. 

When I eventually returned to the UK for treatment on the 18th April I came with a small bag of holiday clothes totally unsuited for the British Spring. I was able to add a small number of stored clothes from parents and parents in law but other than this have survived on a limited wardrobe until now.

The question of how to get clothes from Mwanza to Lincoln was an issue. Not least because having returned here my luggage allowance was no longer available to bring back our possessions at the end of our time in Tanzania. Luckily there was a way. 

A friend , Clare, returning from Mwanza to the UK offered us a 20kg bag to carry back items. Anita and Bekah packed a case filled with clothes and books up to the limit and three weeks ago it made its way to Europe. 

The bag arrived in Bristol with our friend who was met by relatives of ours (thanks Steve) who not only provided our friend with a lift home form the airport but picked up the bag and took it to Anita’s cousin (Julian) in Cheddar. 

Last week whilst on holiday in the West Country my in laws were able to pick up the case and transported it to Abingdon.

Here the case was going to stay until it could be picked up but thanks to my sister in law, we we were able to get the item sent via Parcel Force and so this morning it arrived.

To Anita & Bekah , Clare, Steve, Julian, Heather & Geoff and Mel & Bruce who in their own way helped get the items to me a big big thanks.

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