Aches and Pains

It is the end of my second cycle of chemotherapy and I enter into my chemo free week.

This brings mixed blessings – firstly there are no steroids to take so that I shall hopefully be able to get better sleep as the week wears on. There are no Valcade injections so less trips to the hospital. In fact less drugs overall.

However, on the down side there are aches and pains to deal with. These abdominal pains are related to the lack of steroids and afflicted me last time too. A general discomfort in the lower back and the lower abdomen (intestine). These can in turn lead to cramps. The use of a hot water bottle helps and paracetamol as well.  Judging by the last experience there may be the odd cramping in the legs too. 

This week off is not going to be an easy week!

Chemotherapy is a viscious but necessarily remedy for me –  the side effects being rather more desirable than the disease. 

However, sleeplessness or muscle cramps -now there’s a choice?

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