Drugs War

Progress is being made and I continue to remain  healthy and better than I have been for several months in so many ways.

The chemotherapy is working but there is a battle going on, inside a drugs war against my very own mutant cells.

The bad guys, Myeloma Cells, are being taken out but there is collateral damage I am certain. These casualties of war include red blood cells and are making slightly anaemic. Thankfully my nutraphil count remains strong and well within normal. These antibodies are still doing their job and fighting infection.

The main outcome for me these past two days appears to be extreme fatigue.

Brought on my very little sleep, restless sleep. The steroids required to enhance the chemotherapy and provide protection have also messed up my sleep patterns and as I take them four days a week in two week chemotherapy cycles there is a lot of potential.

Now I have a week off chemotherapy coming up I may also have an opportunity to sleep more effectively.

The battle rages on!

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