World Blood Cancer Day

Today is World Blood Cancer Day #wbcd. The content of post comes from the WBCD website – I cannot summarise it any better myself.


Diagnosis: blood cancer.

Every 35 seconds, someone somewhere in the world receives the shattering news that they have been diagnosed with blood cancer. Many patients are children and young people.

What is blood cancer?

Blood cancer refers to defects which stop the normal blood cell processes of maturation and natural cell death. These dysfunctional blood cells are called cancer cells. They enter the bloodstream and multiply uncontrollably, crowding out the healthy cells. The blood can no longer fulfill its tasks, such as oxygen transportation and the defense against germs.

“Blood cancer” is therefore a general description for various diseases of the blood-forming system, such as leukemia, multiple myeloma and malignant lymphoma.

But there’s hope!

Cancer patients who suffer from diseases of the blood-forming system can be treated with a stem cell transplant from a healthy, matching donor. The transplant of healthy stem cells helps the patient’s bone marrow to regenerate and to start forming healthy blood cells again. For many blood cancer patients, a stem cell transplant is the only chance of survival.


Two videos

What is blood cancer?

How myeloma affects blood cells?

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