Doctor Doctor Playlist

Medical professionals feature a lot in my life at the moment and so in their honour here is another playlist compiled from my iTunes, using key words of medical professionals (doctor, nurse, sister, surgeon). Just a bit of fun for a Saturday afternoon.

It’s obvious to start with one of my favorite Thompson Twins track.

  • Doctor Doctor – Thompson Twins

  • Nurse Shark – Thompson Twins – a remix of Doctor Doctor

  • Like a Surgeon – Weird Al Yankovic

  • Doctor Pressure – Mylo vs Miami Sound Machine

  • Doctorin’ The Tardis – The Timelords

  • Sister’s Are Doin’ It For Themselves – Eurythmics

  • Brother and Sister – Erasure

  • Sister of Mercy – Thompson Twins

A trio of themes from Doctor Who to finish

  • Doctor Who Theme – Murray Gold / Ron Grainer

  • I am the Doctor – Murray Gold

  • Tenth Doctor’s Theme – Murray Gold

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