Better by Far

As I am in the middle of my second bout of Chemotherapy it’s time to reflect on where things are.

I expected that the chemotherapy would be making me ill. You here scare stories of hair loss and sickness. Maybe that will come, though I am assured hair loss is unlikely with Valcade. 

In truth I am feeling better than I have for months. I don’t think I realised how I have been since the Autumn.

Looking back I had a string of tummy upsets and colds one after the other – bad enough for me to take time off work which had been a rarity for me up to that point. 

Then post Christmas, the shoulder issue which wouldn’t go away, more illnesses, a broken fibula following a fall.

A month before Easter, I began to lose my appetite,  previously favourite foods/drinks were becoming unpleasant and I was losing weight. I had a horrible metallic /bitter  taste in my mouth and an almost permanent nausea – leading to sickness on occasions. I was becoming more fatigued and regularly going to bed early – as early as 9pm at one point. By the time we reached Nairobi I had lost a lot of energy, and spent a lot of time laying down and or resting throughout my time there and in Diani Beach. 

Diagnosis later revealed that poor kidney function was leading to a build up of creatinines.

Since my arrival back in the U.K. the main focus alongside my chemotherapy has been the tackling of my kidney function. This has involved a lot of drinking of water (3L) of water per day and it seems that finally this is paying dividends. 

I can only speak anecdotally, however in the past week I have noticed that I am going to the loo less, especially at night. The less disturbed sleep has been renewing. I have started to wake up less often and later on, generally about 6:30am and as late as 9am. I am going to bed later about midnight which for me is more normal, especially on ‘days off’. 

Energy levels are good and I am eating healthily. Being out of hospital has meant I can get out and about, gentle walks to Whisby and Swanpool/ Hertsholme have been great tonics, the good weather this week has helped. I have even been able to leave Lincoln and spend the weekend in Milton Keynes. Enjoying a walk at Willen Lake.

6 thoughts on “Better by Far

  1. So pleased you’re doing better by far, bro. I know it’s not what you’d want in the greater scheme of things but I’m so pleased for you that you’re so much better than you were, the treatment is having its positive effect and you’re able to get out and about. Fab photos, as always 😊👍

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  2. I have noticed you looking brighter and enjoying your food, even though the low potassium diet does take away some of the foods you enjoy. Long may your good tolerance of the the chemo remain, we will cross each situation as it occurs. Well done so far 👍🏻 ✅ mum xx

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  3. Your photos are amazing! I am so pleased you are feeling so much better with a more regular sleep and renewed energy! You are an inspiration and you will have such a testimony to tell!

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