A bit of birding …

.. and a bit more.

When I was in Tanzania I really got into bird watching. The bird life around Lake Victoria is amazingly diverse and I don’t imagine I will ever find the same diversity in the UK. Even so, during my recovery I plan to get back into the pastime – a chance to learn the British fauna. 

The bird life heee is certainly less colourful than its Tanzanian counterparts, most are greys and browns; blacks and whites making them difficult to spot. So I am trying  to learn the British bird songs – not easy when you can’t see them, so an app is helping.

On my doorstep and within walking distance is Swanpool Lakes and Hartsholme   Country  Park.

It is here I spent the afternoon enjoying the nature whilst getting some gentle exercise – part of my recovery.

Today I saw  or heard

  • 29 Greylag Goose
  • 21 Canada Goose
  • 10 Mute Swan
  • 8 Mallard
  • 1 Grey Heron (Grey)
  • 1 Common Moorhen
  • 7 Eurasian Coot
  • 29 Black-headed Gull
  • 12 Feral Pigeon
  • 26 Common Wood-Pigeon (White-necked)
  • 4 Common Magpie
  • 4 Carrion Crow
  • 3 Blue Tit
  • 6 Great Tit
  • 1 Long-tailed Tit
  • 3 Eurasian Wren
  • 1 Willow Warbler
  • 5 Common Chiffchaff
  • 2 Eurasian Blackcap
  • 1 Whitethroat
  • 7 Robin
  • 10 Blackbird
  • 2 Chaffinch
  • 1 House Sparrow

Of course this area of woodland and wetland has more than birds. Spring brings birdsong but also butterflies, squirrels, damselflies and other insect life. Spring flowers including horse and rhododendron poking through. The Lakeland life abounding with new life cygnets, goslings and cootlets. It was a real joy to walk in the fresh greenery of the Spring sunshine. A tonic for the soul!

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