Today was the start of my second series of Chemotherapy. The first series had been entirely carried out on Waddington Ward, however today was the first time I had done this as an outpatient.

The difference being that I first had to attend the doctor’s surgery where I had my blood tested for my  INR. Following my last visit my INR has risen to 3.0 which is within the target range. I need to go back weekly for a check.

Following my visit to the doctors I headed up to clinic 7 for a blood test and obs. Then an hour and a half wait before visiting Immingham Ward (Oncology) where I had my Valcade injection. The wait was supposed to allow time for blood tests though in the end they were not ready and apparently they always use the previous readings. The visits took over 4 hours. Still  it game time for a drink at the cafe. 

The afternoon visits to Lincoln County Hospital will be repeated every Tuesday and Friday during my two week sessions between now and the end. There is going  to be a lot of waiting around.

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