Today I have done one of the very last things I need to do for my work as a teacher in Mwanza. Something I can do here in Lincoln, to prepare the end of year exams for Year 10.  The only other thing I will need to do is to mark those exams electronically in a few weeks time. Sadly all my other responsibilities have been removed from me, so I no longer hold the role of Head of ICT, Assessment Manager or Website Manager, so I cannot persue those roles even remotely , much against my own wishes.

I am signed off work until the end of August which coincides with the end of my contract in Tanzania. 

After this there is a void. 

It was to have been a new job in the Seychelles, but it this has had to be shelved and turn I will enter a world of unemployment.

 As I calculate it my chemotherapy (6 series of three weeks separated by a week) will finish at the end of August too, but beyond that I will need to recover.

This is the scary bit – the challenge to live on Anita’s work alone, a job she does not yet have and for which she must apply. Any other income would come from benefits – something I never thought I would have to do. 

Longer term it is still uncertain what I will do once recovered. Teaching is unlikely, as the risk of infection is going to be challenging for me. Working outside of Europe  will be unimaginably expensive, maybe even outside Britain. How receptive any  employer will be to a cancer sufferer – even one in remission is likely to be an issue too. It poses issues and it’s hard not too be a little worried.

As a Christian, I do believe that God has a plan and in that sense there will be a solution and we will be OK, but for now this is a definite test of faith!

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  1. It is so tough for you Graham and worrying to know what the future will bring, but I know God won’t have anything less than the best in store for you. Will continue to lift you in my prayers! He is faithful!

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  2. A very tough call! Facing an uncertain future is so hard when all your carefully thought out plans have unravelled and it’s all change – on every front! May the God you trust hold you secure and reassure you that he knows what lies ahead and will lead you to a good future that as yet is unknown to you, but not to him.

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