This morning I had the opportunity to attend my church of 26 years St Mary’s Bletchley. It was great to be back at a service. I had been there on Friday for Rachel’s thanksgiving service, but this was a chance to attend a regular service.

As with so much of my weekend it was a chance to catch up with people. People who I have known for  years, people who have supported us in prayer before, during snd after my time in Tanzania, particularly in recent weeks following my diagnosis of Myeloma. It was good to share time with these folk who gave been so encouraging.

Whilst in MK I have stayed with good friends Griff and Rowena who have been so kind putting me up for the weekend; had lunch  with good friends Andy and Carolyn; enjoyed a pint (of coke) with good friend Jon. It’s been good to catch up.

On the way home it was good to call in on Mel and Bruce (sister-in-law and brother-in-law) and my niece and nephew.

I think one of the lessons for me in recent months has been to appreciated the care and kindness of others. I’ve always been a little reticent, stemming from my own school days and this has put up barriers. These have gradually been eroded over the years, starting way back in 2009 when I took over as Head of Faculty of a fabulous team in Thame, developed more so in Mwanza where the boundaries of friend and colleague were blurred and where I have made good friends in school and across the community. 

Even so the events of recent weeks have left me so encouraged through the love and support of so many people across the world from Lincoln and Milton Keynes and across the U.K., in Tanzania and Kenya, the US, Canada snd Australia as well as other places unknown. 

Today it was nice to greet the folk in Milton Keynes as I have done here in Lincoln. It is unlikely I will get to see the other folk in person but wherever they (you) are in the world I want to thank them (you) too. 

Thanks for the prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts wherever you are. 😄

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  1. Great to see you this morning Graham…..as we said, we are praying daily for you and for Anita, Matt, and Bekah. You are all precious friends. …we trust that all will become clearer for you all as time passes..God bless….Colin & Gill

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