Meeting Up

One of the good things about being back in the UK has been the chance to reunite with family.

I have made much of the fact that my wife and daughter remain in Tanzania and this has been hard. However, my son is studying here in the UK at Chichester University and being here in Lincoln has allowed us to meet up.

Other than a brief meeting when I arrived back in the UK, I last saw my son in August, three weeks before he was due to start university. Although we Skyped regularly whilst in Tanzania, it is not the same as a face to face to chat.

So it has been great  that Matthew has spent the past few days with me and it has been great to catch up. To find out more the  life he is living, his work, his studies.

In a sense we haven’t done that much. A walk around the local nature reserve and a trip into town to do some shopping, just hanging out. We’re both into Sci-Fi and so watching films /TV too.

It certainly different when family come to visit, no longer part of the household but nonetheless part of the family, the relationship subtly changed. It certainly felt strange seeing him off on the train this afternoon a new chapter in our lives.

In the future when time allows I hope to visit Chichester and see his new home. For now it’s goodbye and farewell.

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