This weekend has been a normal weekend in that it has been a weekend of doing normal things. 

You might well wonder what is normal when you have spent much of the past three years, as I have in Tanzania? Actually not that different to the UK.

it’s been a normal weekend inasmuch as it is one which has not been dominated by health, controlled by cancer, modified by Myeloma.

A chance to spend time with friends and family- grab a coffee, do some shopping, watch some TV.  Normalcy.

It was good to meet up yesterday with an ex-work colleague from my days at Lord Grey in Bletchley. Mark and I had not bumped into each other in 16 years but on hearing of my situation he wanted to meet up and it was great to chat over old times and fill in the blanks which even with Facebook get glossed over. A couple of hours in Costa and friendship renewed.

My brother and sister-in-law were also up for the day and it was good to spend time with them. After lunch we were into town to hunt for some suitable water containers – we were looking for safe plastic – ones that don’t leech chemicals. The idea to have portable water when out and about  To keep up my intake. We opted for Camelbak Chute and a nifty little carrier then another trip to Costa (for Tea this time!)

Returning home for dinner and the latest Doctor Who on TV. I’m a great Sci-Fi fan so it’s a must. An especially cool episode in which the opening lines were “Space, The Final Frontier”  – if you know anything about Sci-Fi you’ll recognise the refererencing to another great TV show in that line alone.

The day ended with a Transcontinental Eurovision Party. Here in Lincoln, across in Northampton and way down in Mwanza (Tanzania) all of our family watching, voting and commenting simultaneously on the events in Kyev.The power of the internet and WhatsApp allowing us to share the experience and marvel at the strange choices our European neighbours make as songs.  

Family together though 4000 miles apart! It was great to share the experience though I don’t get Portugal’s song!

3 thoughts on “Normalcy

  1. ….but what is normal? ……..I suppose it is different for every single one of us…….but I understand where you are coming from. A good read….thanks!


  2. Great to hear about your ‘normal’ weekend. Here’s to many more! And a good time was had by all who participated in the transcontinental party – or should it be ‘Crossing Continent Celebration’!

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