Water is the stuff of life – they say.

For me water is very much centre stage at the moment.

Water coming in and water coming out!

I am required to drink 3L a day of water to keep my kidney flushed and to bring it back to good health, to mitigate against the paraprotein detritus which blocks the nephron tubules and has prevented proper kidney function.

That is a lot of drinking and a lot of peeing!

Add to this the fact that in due to the Myeloma the hormone which suppresses the need to go to the toilet whilst your sleeping is not functioning. I am up 4 – 5 times each night going to the loo.

It makes for a disrupted sleep pattern and generally by 4:30 and dawn here in the UK I give up and wake up. Two weeks in hospital of disrupted sleep has probably not helped either – though now home I had hoped that the issue would be resolved – maybe in time it will.

Day time is easier and I have got used to gulping down a glass or two every half an hour or so, never have I been to the bathroom so often as I am these days, but as I have said before it is all in a good cause. If my kidney function can improve quickly then the damage will be limited and as the chemotherapy takes hold then the paraprotein will disappear. In the short term I am hoping that those dratted potassium levels are continuing to be suppressed – it will be interesting to know the value when next measured on Tuesday.

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