Finally, finally I’m home. 

At 6:30pm this evening I was released from Lincoln County Hospital. My potassium levels had continued to yoyo up and down but were settling at a lower level ranging from 4.8 and 5.7

This evenings reading needed to be less than 5.7 to be released and it settled at 5.6. Close but good enough! 

I am hence forth an outpatient rather than an inpatient this means clinic visits twice a week to receive Valcade on Tuesday and Fridays, blood clinic to determine Warfarin levels once week, plus blood tests at my local surgery to determine other blood measurements. 

Much of the other medication can be taken in tablet form and boy there is a lot to take. This is a just over a week’s supply!

It’s nice to be off the ward, a chance to live a more normal life. To get some sleep. It’s difficult to believe that I had been on Waddington Ward for two weeks, in Lincoln for a total of 20 days!

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  1. Really am so pleased for you. As you say to lead a more normal life will be good and to be in a comfortable bed without being woken for various tests every 30 minutes or so. Enjoy the peace and rest!

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