Waddington Unit

The hospital wards at Lincoln County Hospital are named after local areas of importance.

The Haematology / Oncology Ward where I have been for the past two weeks is known as the Waddington Unit and named after the famous airbase.

For the past two weeks I have been in a side ward, but yesterday was moved onto the main ward.

A new patient with low immunity needed to be isolated, their priorities being much more acute than mine, it was an obvious move.

It is a sign of my good progress that I have been able to move out and in some ways it is nice to have a change of scene. I had not left that room in almost two weeks – in fact time had blurred to such an extent I have only just realised it has been two weeks!

The main ward split into a number of bays, I share with 4 other patients, men who are a lot older than I and suffering from a variety of cancers.  It is a noisier place and in truth it is harder to sleep – not that sleeping in a hospital has ever been easier.

The odour is the main problem – the brutal fact is that there is an almost perpetual smell of faeces, which is difficult to mask.

It is encouraging that the level of Creatinine (toxin) levels are reduced as is my potassium. The improved GFR and the reduction of light chain paraproteins is also extremely pleasing. I am no longer having all my fluids measured and have been taken off a drip.

I am really hoping that I will be able to leave soon. 🙂


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  1. Praying you may be able to leave soon now things are headed in the right direction. Pete is on a similar type of ward with older men, but thankfully without the smell. May God continue to guide your specialists in the best way to get you well. Xx

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