One thing that had been a constant since I have been in hospital is measurement of my body – whether as at the start the extent of the movement in my shoulders, to various MRI, Ultrasound, CT and X Rays tests I have had both in Nairobi and in Lincoln.

More recently here in Lincoln measurement of my bodily fluids – specifically blood samples taken in two or three vacuum vials up to three times a day. These tests measuring the the INR (thickness of the blood) by which my Warfarin does can be measured, a second test for phosphates and a third for the dreaded potassium.

Then when potassium levels were to high hooked up to an ECG monitor, followed by a heart monitor for several hours.  Regular glucose tests (15-30 minute intervals obtained by pricking my fingers with needles).

Finally there have been urine tests – every wee goes into a bottle and is then measured for volume against the amount of liquid I have drunk or saline I have absorbed. Drink is urged or a drip is provided where called for.flushing dory

Temperature is taken 4 hourly – day and night as is my blood pressure.

All part of maintaining as close as possible my homeostasis – the body balance which keeps me alive.

Definitely Biometrics in the extreme!


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