I have resisted writing this one -but it has to be done.

I have commented a number of times about the dedicated nursing staff here and the care they are giving- they work approximately 13 hour shifts and most of it non-stop.

The outbreak of Noro-Virus here this week has not helped as people are confined to bed, which need regular changing and there are lots of extra jobs to do as people cannot do things for themselves – they look exhausted but carry on regardless.

They are nonetheless papering over cracks which are widening.

Cost cutting is biting deeply into the NHS and nurses and doctors are paying the price which will have knock-on effects.

Labour and Tory Governments have cut into budgets as cost saving exercises and political experimentation, private firms now account for a proportion of resources, but are they the best to deliver it or just profiteering.

I have notices in the past few days fewer nurses on board – more agency staff.

Staff transferred from already depleted wards to this one.

Staff coming in on days off to do extra shift.

This has affected the efficiency and care – though still high.

Just like any ill patient, just like me limping along with my Myeloma – how long before the ‘straw breaks the camel’s back’ and the whole thing comes crashing down about our ears.

The NHS is a wonderful institution and must be saved for all our sakes (if you’re British that is).

Here is a link to the video I shared earlier in the week produced ahead of the election.

and another about the effect of immigration on the NHS.

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