I have resisted writing this one -but it has to be done. I have commented a number of times about the dedicated nursing staff here and the care they are giving- they work approximately 13 hour shifts and most of it non-stop. The outbreak of Noro-Virus here this week has not helped as people are … Continue reading Cuts!

What a Drip!

So with yoyo blood and yoyo Potassium levels my kidney needs a lot of help. The latest is to push a lot more fluid through me so I will be on a 1L saline drip which will be on 8 hour repeat through the day and in addition to my drinking - if we can … Continue reading What a Drip!

Sleepy- Dreams Play List

Two nights of tests and a lot of tests yesterday are taking their toll - with odd sleeps / naps / snoozes built in a long they way - though I hsve never been good at sleeping in the day. It's just too light - especially so far North as we move rapidly towards the … Continue reading Sleepy- Dreams Play List