Hellish Nights

The nights have been a bit hellish hear in hospital.

The staff are lovely and I cannot fault their dedication and kindness – day or night.

Early in my stay I picked up a tummy bug – Noro Virus and truthfully this probably was the straw that broke the camels back in regard to my health. Since then a spiral down to a lower plain – it seems to me at least.

My body is really struggling  – as mentioned in earlier posts, my kidney is really playing up and with it my potassium levels are shooting too high and with that my heart is at risk of a heart attack.

For me it makes Cancer even more insidious than I imagined – not only attacking one part of the body but a whole host of carefully balanced other parts too – with knock on effects.

All of this has made for some uncomfortable nights  connected to ECG monitors, salbutamol nebulisers and insulin/glucose infusions, calcium gluconate.  Regular blood tests every 15-30 mins pricking of fingers and measuring glucose content well as the need for actual blood to be withdrawn as potassium tests are redone.

It does not make for much sleep and worse still it seems fairly consistent at the moment.

The need for the potassium to stabilise is obvious and it may be that only under the chemotherapy and once the myeloma is sufficiently dampened this can possibly happen – meaning a protracted stay in hospital. All very frustrating. I am in the best place and physically son’t feel particularly ill – most of the time – though considering where I was just three weeks ago – I am so much worse than I was.

There is a long road to recovery ahead of me – I ain’t going nowhere fast it seems.

6 thoughts on “Hellish Nights

  1. Sounds like a precarious position to be in, Graham….my prayers continue, and will be more fervent! Hang jn there, nate, wd are all rooting for you.
    Praying for Anita, Bekah, and Matthew as well….Colin & Gill

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  2. Must be tough, bro. Proud of how well you’re coping with constant checks and disruptions. 👏🏻😊👍 Hang in there. Prayers for you all.

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  3. Praying daily for improvement & strength…Just leave it all in God’s hands….you will overcome all of this..rest in his loving arms…as you say your not going anywhere soon….He knows your frustrations….I too have been where you are…& how quickly things seem out of our control…. much love in Christ Joy & family x

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  4. Thanks for sharing the realities of your experience which gives a flavour of what you’re going through just now. Though viewing from afar and helpless to do very much – apart from pray – it’s good to know that the One we pray to knows you through and through and comes up close and personal, when we need Him most! May that be your experience as you endure these endless tests and treatment and may you feel His peace – especially through those disturbed nights.

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