Frustrating Days

The potassium won’t drop consistently and hovers around 6 – critical for most of the day teaching a high of 6.4. Haematology have suggested that it might be a false positive but Renal are more cautious and up the meds. I spent most of the night last night and all of the afternoon.and evening booked up to an ECG monitor and having bloods taken, calcium glutamol injections, glucose /insulin injections, blood tests, salbutamol inhaler nebuliser which stretches on into the evening and overnight.

Myeloma is most insidious like all cancers in that it upsets the careful homeostatic balance of the body damaging kidney and by extension heart as well as bone marrow and bone.

It has been a day of frustration brightened up with a visit from mum and Carol and later Dave as well as countless good wishes from across the world and my daily FaceTime with Anita and Bekah.

Even so frustrating that the Potassium is going nowhere.

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