Mobile Emergency Assessment Unit (M.E.A.U) for short was my location for 5 days from Thursday to Monday. It's a holding bay where patients are kept and treated whilst awaiting transfer to the main wards.I was needing to be transferred up to the Haematology Ward but there were no spaces so I was treated in M.E.A.U … Continue reading M.E.A.U


I was stuck in ACH and desperate to talk with Anita - she knew I had gone there to look at a potential DVT but no more. Yet for over 20 hours we did not communicate. Thoughts ran wild! She was over 4000 miles away. Had there been a car crash, was she or my … Continue reading Robbery

DVT and Kidney Damage

Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT. We have all heard about it and it is potentially deadly. A risk of long-haul flights and something of which to be very aware. It is a side-effect of the Myeloma that the blood becomes more sticky and therefore more prone to clot - therefore more likely to encounter DVT. … Continue reading DVT and Kidney Damage