A day in Nairobi and I needed to get out and do something.

For one I had no ‘winter clothes’ with me. One long sleeved top, no long trousers, two pairs of socks. I had packed for a short holiday on the equator, plenty of shorts, t-shirts, swimming trunks, a pair of sandals and fortuitously a pair or trainers. No way was I prepared for a cold April in Europe – where temperatures were hovering not much above zero.

The Kroppach family were heading to an enormous new shopping centre called Two Rivers and invited me to get a lift with them. They were heading to a large Carrefour Supermarché, but told me about the western style clothing outlets there – where I could pick up some much needed warmer clothes at a good price.

My wife and daughter were by now back in Mwanza, being forced to pay a visa to go back in – even though this is not a requirement – a little corruption a long the way for someone to earn dollars – one thing I will not miss about Africa – sadly.

For me, still in Nairobi, it was weird to be in such a thoroughly western environment, I enjoyed my time in the cafés and shops a enjoying hot ginger tea and even a Burger King (albeit without a Bacon Double Cheeseburger on offer!)

The centre was truly impressive with it’s own water gardens and funfair.


Eventually it was time to leave and head back to the Kroppach family for the last night.

Up early for a morning flight to to Europe – this was to be an 11 hour flight –  with an hour stop over in Schipol, Amesterdam.

The plane  was a little delayed but touched down at Heathrow in the early evening. Back in Britain – unexpectedly – three months early and for a very different reason.

My brother, son and parents in law were there to great me and it was great to enjoy a couple of hours and some coffee together as the rush hour subsided. Familiar people in a familiar land – yet suddenly so different.IMG_1333

I was exhausted as we headed around the M25 for Harlow and a good night’s sleep.