Five Months

Just before Christmas my shoulder began hurting.

It had been a hectic end to term as ever and I thought initially that the pain was a result of all the reports I had been processing and stapling together.

But the pain did not go away….

It lasted through Christmas – all of the time away in Zanzibar and into the New Year.

The arm was still causing pain in January when I slipped on wet concrete and broke my fibula (the smaller bone) in my left leg, though I did not know it at the time. In February I finally went to the doctor realising the pain was not muscular. A visiting consulting orthopaedic surgeon from India diagnosed the break and suggested that I had it X-rayed.


A doctor friend looked at my photo posted  on Facebook and spotted a bone cyst (a hole in the bone) near the top of the fibula and the site of the break. This was confirmed the following day by the surgeon.

The leg was my priority but I mentioned my shoulder and it was suggested I had an MRI – though this was not going to be possible in Mwanza. We decided that the best time to get this done would be part of  a planned trip to Kenya at Easter and a visit to Nairobi.

My leg seemed to heal fast, my shoulder did not….







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  1. Great blog Graham, If it helps to write about your ordeal, we’re very glad to read it. Admire your courage & acceptance of your change of plans. Sending love & continued strength. X

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