Two Weeks

Two weeks ago we were on holiday in Kenya. Having travelled up from Tanzania where we were worked in Mwanza. It was a chance for some ‘RnR’ on Diani Beach near Mombassa but on route we were passing through Nairobi. We had been through the city a week earlier and with an on going shoulder injury having plagued me since Christmas there was an opportunity to arrange for an MRI scan and a follow up consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon. As we could not arrange the appointment in week one we changed our plans and headed of for a week on the Indian Ocean and booked return passage to Nairobi rather than the intended Kakamega Forest near Kisumu.

My assumption was a trapped nerve or water in the shoulder joint – but it was not to be. A heavy cold was one of a whole string of illnesses I had been suffering since the autumn and feeling very nauseous I sat waiting for the MRI scan late on Thursday Evening. The scan itself was torture. The MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) scanner is a claustrophobic experience lasting in my case 25 minutes. It was a relief to escape – only to be told I needed to go back in for a further 8 minutes – for additional scanning – as they had found something!

After 33 minutes I emerged shattered and went off for the evening. After all of this Jubilee Insurance our school paid insurance company refused to pay the entire bill – stating I had reached my out-patient limit and leaving us to pay the difference.

The following day a 3:25pm appointment with the consultant at Aga Kahn University and Teaching Hospital in Nairobi. A good hospital – so much more so than anything we have in Mwanza or across the whole of Tanzania.

My consultant – having worked in Glasgow was familiar with the NHS and UK in general. I was a guinea pig as he taught a trainee doctor about the process of assessing my injury. At this stage  it seemed to me to be a nerve / muscle injury / possibly a bone injury but nothing too excessive then they looked at the MRI.

A pause ……

I need to go and talk to the radiographers …….

…………………. ………………… …………………….. a return after 10 minutes.

The scans were analysed and the consultant pointed out numerous lesions in the shoulder. These needed further analysis and I was immediately admitted onto the general ward  as an in-patient where I would spend the Easter weekend – plans now completely changed.

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