Battling the Bone Breaker

This was going to be a different journey….

A journey from Tanzania to Seychelles – a journey into the Indian Ocean Idyl of my next job in Victoria on Mahe Island.

This story has been ‘choked at birth’. Barely three weeks from accepting the post a routine medical check in Nairobi has put an end to things and forced me to return to the UK ahead of schedule.

Here I am embarking upon a journey, a battle against Multiple Myeloma (Cancer of the Blood Plasma). It’s a battle which will last many months but should ultimately lead to a remission, to the point of normality, though I will never be cured (medically) and will need repeat treatments.

I am writing this as a journal for my own sanity as much as anything else. Although it may reflect my Christian Faith from time to time it will not be a ‘Bible Bash’ more of a story. Feel free to join the journey a new blog here on

22 thoughts on “Battling the Bone Breaker

  1. Hi Graham, you are the second friend in as many weeks to be diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma … I shall follow your blog closely and will be supporting you in my thoughts and prayers. Janet K x

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  2. I see your considerable courage when I visit you daily. You are doing so well and I am proud of you as I am with the family. The hospital is working so hard to get you back on your feet and your attitude to the blow the loss of job difficult as it has been, is a credit to you. God bless

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  3. I didn’t know about Myeloma when you mention on your latest blog so I had to check from the beginning.. I admire your courage Sir.. I’ll make sure to check on you.. 😀 have faith and be strong.. 😇

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  4. Good luck Graham, and I hope to follow your successful battle on this blog. Sounds like you were leading an exciting and picturesque life, so I’m sure it’s a downer, but your recovery will be rewarding…

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  5. You’re a great blogger Graham – but this one is gripping! Following your travels through this unknown territory is both enlightening (so many medical words that get bandied about but never really explained) and inspiring (as you bravely face the ups and downs of an illness like this. Thank you for sharing so frankly and regularly. We’re praying too – with so many others!

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  6. Thank you for sharing your story! I can understand that this is such a difficult journey for you! When I had cancer, I said to myself, If God didn’t said He is done with me, He must be continue working on me.
    May God bless you and give you courage and fight and continue this journey!

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  7. You will be strengthened by the Lord from faith to faith. Continue to press ahead with the faith of the Son of God Himself!

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